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Against your better instincts you’re out wandering the lonely streets of Seattle. The muggy air threatens rain as you walk under the sparse street lights. A woman tries to offer her body to you, but you just keep walking, staring at the ground making sure not to look at anyone you pass. Uneasiness fills you, and it seems as if everyone is watching you. Trying to get away from the sensation, you take a right turn around a corner into a dark alleyway. Only a few lighted windows up a few stories provide light to walk by. But still the feeling is there, someone is watching you, causing you to hasten your walk. After a few more paces you notice a dark wooden sign, lit only by a small light. It reads ‘Révélation’ in ebony letters with crimson fire all around it. It swings slightly in the soft breeze of the night, below it an old metal door. The fear of someone following you seeps in; you hurry down the four steps to the door and push it open. The knot that had gathered in your stomach eases as you look around the dim room. A few customers look up at you, but go back to their conversations or drinks. It’s surprising how big the place is compared to its humble exterior. Ten or so tables gather around a slightly elevated stage to the left and a row booths line the right wall. Your eyes follow the room to the far end where a well polished bar is. The bartender smiles and nods a welcome to you and goes back to listening to the young woman at the bar. A slow gothic tune is heard from the few musicians on the stage.

Wanting just a little more comfort you take the few steps down into the room noticing the woman from the bar now making her way to you. She gives you a warm smile, her brown waves of hair falling in her face. Her movements are as graceful as the most skilled dancers. No sounds can be heard from her high heel boots, or the leather hugging her legs. You notice the intricate design of roses in black velvet on her corset, leading into the low cut crimson silk shirt with sleeves flowing to her wrists. She extends a hand to you, while tucking her hair behind her left ear, where you notice a star and moon scar near her left eye. “Welcome to Révélation, my name is Natalia. I’m the owner. Please, make yourself comfortable.”

What do you do? Sit down and order yourself a drink, or head back out into the night where all the shadows seem to have eyes only for you?


Our story takes place in a Seattle different from the one we know. The clouds block the sun leaving it to shift from twilight to night. This is a world of magic and fantasy. You’ll find all sorts of preternatural creatures here with welcome, as well as those who spend their time trying to rid our world of them.

This is where you can find Révélation, a pub in the back alleys of the Emerald City. As always there is more than enough warm blood on tap, willing donors, and even food that “normal” people would love. Everyone is welcome here no matter where you’re from, Translyvania, Chicago, Sunnydale, New Orleans, even the Orient. Vampirs, mortals, lycanthrops and more can take your ease here. Though, there is no killing in the pub and please check all holy items at the door. It doesn’t work on most anyways.

Révélation is Elysium, meaning there is to be no fighting, killing, or turning anyone. Break the house rules, Natalia will see to you herself.

There is a whole dark city to explore outside of Révélation. Feel free to RP here or in your personal LJs for action between characters.

This is an RPG mixed universe, but not a cross nexus so if the character you'd like to rp as is already taken (you can see a list of characters below) then look for a different one, or bring in an oc. We love meeting new people. This is not a community for real vampires to meet, it's Role Playing.

Character Guidelines:
1. All supernatural types are welcome - NO GODS - You must post a character Bio to the Embrace (Titled "OOC" and bio under cut, or a link to it) for the mods to review, then you can start playing asap.
2. No superheroes unless they are supernatural types. Such as, Blade is ok, Wolverine isn't.
3. Mortals are very welcome, so are hunters.
4. No harming another PC unless you discuss it with the player first.
5. Writing Dialog for other characters: If you are comfortable with it, other players can write a line of dialog for your character to keep a post going. This is only for words, and you have to agree with the other player to allow this.
7. No turning another character without the player's permission. In the case of an NPC, no turning them at Révélation itself. You'll need to do that somewhere else in Seattle.

Our Cast
natalia_kat: Natalia Rheese|Original Character/Anita Blake|Weresnowleopard
leo_cat: Leo Granger|Original/Anita Blake|Wereblackleopard
leopard_naomi: Naomi Granger|Original/Anita Blake|Wereblackleopard
tuya_sekhmet: Tuya|Original/AB/Egyptian|Werelion

flame_angel_13: Atreya|Original

Role Playing Games:
St. Louis: Anitaverse, _anita_blake
Seattle: Local bar, pub_revelation