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9/10/06 03:11 pm - flame_angel_13 - Pray for Acceptance

With a smile and a prayer, Atreya straightened from her low bow. "Why yes," Atreya replied politely. "Mine is the mark of the shape changer." Atreya waited a moment for the forthecoming realization, but when no reaction occured she added, "However, unlike most, my abilities are limited to animals. I can change to any animal I desire." 

9/8/06 01:05 am - leopard_naomi - Music to my ears...

It wasn't long after Leo came in to work that Naomi found herself entering the pub. She leaned up against the bar in her red leather pants that flowed over her curves like a second skin. Her black boots stopped just below her knees, the snug crimson tank could be seen from beneath the black flowing gauze shirt that draped over it. Leo handed her a bottle of water, and she winked at him before making her way to the stage. She caught Natalia's eye for only a split second but enough to let her know of her presence, she didn’t want to intrude on her sister’s conversation. After turning off the sounds of Beethoven, Naomi settled herself on the bench behind the ebony baby grand piano. As her fingers danced across the ivory keys, a slow ominous melody drifted through the room.

9/7/06 10:23 pm - leo_cat - Bartender

Leo slips into the dim room from the side door marked "employees only" by the far end of the stage. Trying to sneak by Natalia's radar, he glides behind the bar and pulls out a black shirt from under the counter and tugs it on over his head. The back of it reads, "Révélation," in a dark blood red. He picks up Natalia's empty milk glass and starts washing it in the sink, and puts the glass away. Then continues doing his invetory of the drinks.

9/7/06 08:21 am - natalia_kat - Now Open

Natalia glides over to the front door and slides the lock back, signaling the opening of the pub. It would still be a few hours till the regular bartender would show up, so she was on duty at the counter, though she didn’t expect too many people to show up for a while. She passed all the tables, taking down the chairs and running a cloth over the table tops. Everything looked great, well to her anyways. Making her way to the small stereo at the back of the stage, she picks out her favorite CD. As the familiar sounds of Beethoven fill the room, she heads to the back to get herself some food. After returning with a sandwich of raw beef and tomatoes (her favorite) and a glass of milk, she sits behind the bar and waits for any business to arrive.
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